Stained Glass Work

Digital Work


Born in Teheran, she had to leave her country during the Revolution and moved to Paris, her dream town, where she discovered a rich arts culture.

She became imbued with her new cultural environment without ever forgetting the refined and poetic nature of her native Persian culture. She likes bringing together different styles of painting from different countries and sources.

Her work is testimony to an intense deep inner self where the harmony of warm colours is not any less than vivid well-controlled strokes. It is also an eye for detail which has nothing to do with an excessive perfectionism but with a profound sincerity that the work be as true to the text as possible.

Her taste for Persian miniatures, calligraphy and digital art thus expresses itself, all at the same time, in a diversity of works. Her deep sensitivity also enables her to customize her work on request.

After a rich and diversified experience in the creation of digital paintings, her desire to return to handling materials directly has inspired her to experiment other means of artistic expression. Working with glass proved to be the obvious choice as it allows her to reflect light and colour in a natural and vibrant way.


Tel: +33 6 52 67 26 61

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